Montessori Class Information


Browse through our website or call us for more information about Best Concept or Montessori.

If you decide to enroll your child with us, please go to the program page and apply.

We shall contact you as we receive your application, and shall:
– arrange a visit if a place is already available.
– enter your application on the waiting list.

Parents can WhatsApp us at (852) 67924665 if they wish to know their application’s status on the waiting list.

Usually in one to three months, we shall contact you again when there is a place available. A visit will be arranged if you still wish to enroll your child with us.

In order to secure the place, parents should pay the first month’s tuition within a week after the visit.

Schedule a visit

A school visit will be scheduled only when there is a spot available for enrollment. We shall contact parents and arrange a time to visit during off-class hours. We recommend parents to bring your child along for the visit so he/she can acquainted to the teachers and the environment.

During the visit, teachers will introduce the classroom to parents, and briefly explain the Montessori theory behind our environment. Visits are usually 20 to 30 minutes long, and parents are welcomed to ask questions if they wish to have a better understanding about Montessori.

Weather policy

According to the Education Bureau’s weather policy, there will be no classes when there is No. 3 or above Typhoon signals, and there will be no class for Red and Black rainstorm as well. There will not be any make-up classes when the centre is closed due to bad weather.

Please pay attention to the Education Bureau’s announcements on bad weather days:

Make-up classes

For IC, make-up classes are available for children coming for 3 or 4 days per week. To be eligible for make-up classes, parents should inform teachers / admin staffs at least 30 minutes before for an absent class. Make-up classes are to be arranged by teachers, and might not be available if all classes are full. It is suggested that all make-up classes are to be arranged on the same month of the children’s absence.