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Montessori Education

Maria Montessori was, in many ways, ahead of her time. Born in the town of Chiaravalle, in the province of Ancona, Italy, in 1870, she became the first female physician in Italy upon her graduation from medical school in 1896. She is the founder of the children house and an advocator the methodology that children teach themselves.

To educate the whole child Dr. Montessori felt the child must have the freedom to learn at his or her own pace and in an individualized manner. The Montessori teachers direct the child’s energies into constructive learning channels, taking into account the differences in learning styles and pace. The environment is specially prepared to encourage directed, independent learning. The teachers guide the activity by providing knowledge in the form of presentations. This is the core of the Dr. Montessori educational philosophy. 

Montessori Method


The Montessori Method was developed 100 years ago by an Italian doctor Maria Montessori (1870-1952). This system of education is both a philosophy of child development and a rationale for guiding such growth. It is based on the child’s developmental needs for freedom within limits, as well as, a carefully prepared environment which guarantees exposure to materials and experiences.

Through this, the children develop intelligence as well as physical and psychological abilities. It is designed to take full advantage of the children’s desire to learn and their unique ability to develop their own capabilities. The children need adults to expose them to the possibilities of their lives, but the children must determine their responses to those possibilities.

Montessori Environment


Best Concept Montessori Garden's idea of the prepared environment was that everything the child came in contact with would facilitate and maximize independent learning and exploration. This calm, well-ordered environment has a lot of movement and activity. Children are free to choose and work on activities at their own pace. Here, they experience a combination of freedom and self-discipline, as guided by the environment.